Court Cards link us into the different personalities of the Suits.


Each  Tarot deck has as its Court Cards the images and symbology unique to the deck’s creator.  Sometimes they are based on the elements that rule the suits, for instance:

  • Fire for Wands
  • Air for Swords
  • Water for Cups
  • Earth for Pentacles

Sometimes the Court Card symbology can be based on other personality systems like the Myers and Briggs Personality Types, or Keirsey‘s work.

And then again, they can be set up as being related to certain Astrological Zodiac Signs – Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc., through to Pisces.

Today I talked about this in Episode 4 of my The Tarot of Your Soul at Awake TV Network.  I have also provided a number of images below that portray how the Court Cards can be assigned to different systems for personality traits:

The Court Cards by Elements and Zodiac

Use this document to figure out how to interpret the Court Cards in the deck you are using