Tarot Workshops

Learn how to read any tarot or oracle (including casting oracles) the easiest way ever – anyone can do this!

Or learn traditional Tarot – the card meanings and how spreads are designed and used.

Perhaps you want to take it to the next level and really explore the mythology and magic of the Tarot?

My workshops are fun and practical, you will come away with more knowledge as well as a deeper understanding of some of your own strengths and opportunities

Two ONE-Day Workshops:

Experience different tarot and oracle decks first hand to see what calls to your own intuition.

You will have access to over 50 different decks including Tarot and Oracle decks, as well as Casting Oracles to learn with.

Day 1:

Learn to read tarot and oracles the fastest and easiest way POSSIBLE

and / or

Take the time to learn traditional reading and interpretation techniques of the tarot cards. Enhance your inner knowing and use it to help others. Using intuition and knowledge of the traditional meanings, you can deepen your confidence in producing accurate readings.

Day 2:

Master the system of tarot and learn how to adapt the Celtic Cross to suit your purpose

$160 per person per day

Advanced Workshop Over TWO-Days

Want To Take Your Knowledge Of Tarot To The Next Level?

I offer an ADVANCED TWO DAY workshop on Tarot Mythology, Correspondences and Advanced Spreads:

______ Things covered in the two days include:


  • Mythology and the Fool’s Journey
  • Astrological Tarot correspondences and interpretations
  • The Golden Dawn system of Tarot
  • Sacred Geometry
  • Rider-Waite and Pamela Coleman Smith
  • Advanced Spreads: the Annual Year spread, design you own spread
  • Design your own Tarot
    Sign up for all three workshops and pay only $400 – discount of $80.