Soul Tracing

Team Meetings

To Build &

Enhance A Team’s Resilience

Help your team become more reflective, and to be more in tune with their own emotional reactions, which can buffer them against the effect of stress.

“Resilient employees nurture the work networks they have developed, consistently building trust with others. However, a surprising finding in the research was that resilient employees don’t take the work environment too seriously. They introduce an element of ‘play’ to the workplace, which further fosters positive emotions among employees.”

Heather Craig

I deliver entertaining team building activities that strengthen the connection among all members in a team. I believe that every individual has the capacity to enhance team work when they feel comfortable and are able to openly share their thoughts and feelings, as well as their ideas. This requires trust, and the key to establishing a culture of trust is communicating openly and honestly.

A recent process I undertook with a policy team within the Office of Industrial Relations garnered the following comment from the team’s director:

“Just wanted to say how positive the feedback was from the team about today’s session. They said it really got them thinking in a different way about where they were at, and also there was so much laughter and lightness in the room afterwards. It was a nice bonding experience for the team. Thank you.”

Invite me along to one of your team meetings, sit back, engage in the process and watch as the team interact and enrich those important relationships that help build resilience and increase coping strategies.

Dyan Langdon
Facilitated Team Meetings – Building Resilience and Enhancing Team Relationships

$65 per person