The STAR – Aquarius

The Star provides us hope and guidance

The Star is visionary and pours forth the energy of inspiration and creation. Along with this is the glimmer of hope. She floats in, and is touched by, an illuminated outer space. Her offer of the golden pitcher and the life giving water that flows from it, represent the energy that the Universe provides for inspiration and creation. This is the generous reward provided to you by the universe. There is purity, vulnerability and idealism here – an other-worldly experience, and an elevated consciousness developed for the benefit of those around her.

The Star requires that a person sees the world so differently that they are inspired to create something different. Thus there is inspiration, creative endeavors and the provision of hope when receiving this card. However, a fantastical inspiration is something that has no basis in reality so we must work to incorporate our visions of how we wish the world to be with the reality of how the world actually is.

The BLUE Lady