The Seer or High Priestess listens and talks to the birds.  The Wise, the Wiley and the Witty.  They know her secrets and keep them for her – they are her confidants.

The High Priestess corresponds to the Moon in Astrology.  The Moon is mysterious, and it glows as a silver disk in the background on a misty sunrise outside her forest cave.  As the Moon waxes and wanes, so does our access to our intuition and psychic skills.  We need to listen to our inner voice (represented by the wise white owl) and to notice the synchronicities that occur around us (represented by the crow)

The Ride Waite-Smith deck (and other decks based on that system) will normally show the Seer as sitting in front of two pillars with a curtain behind her, hiding the secrets she keeps.  In my version of the card, we are invited into her cave, and feel that she is closer to sharing her secrets with us than she has ever been before.

We still have a way to go to earn her complete trust, but she is telling us that our hard work has gained us a level of intuition that is on the path to our authentic self.  

She is urging us to continue with our search for the answers that have eluded us – we may not learn them in this life, but we will not loose what we have gained when we move onto the next.