The Empress – Venus

The Empress indicates fertility and love

Beauty both of soul and feature. Warmth to all the small and wounded, and courage to the hero. Fertility; flood; the lushness of new growth on an arid land after it has been flooded; the ground soaked with life giving water; new plants growing out of the fertile soil. Venus on Earth. Mother of all, regardless of race or creed. Bringer of joy and confidence to all who listen to her. Tropical lushness and feline agility. Dancer….let her take your hand and show you the joy of living on this planet called Earth. She will also show you the stars at night.

She offers you the opportunity to see the beauty of this planet as a morning and an evening star, when the beauty of even a harsh land can be appreciated. Let her flood of feelings flow over and through you. See the beauty in both the hot-house cultivated rose and the wild flowering weed in the desert.

What is the first thing you notice when you look at this card?

My eye is drawn to the young girls face, she has like a Mona Lisa secret smile that can also sometimes look like a “non-smile”.  So depending on my own mood I see different things in this card.  This feeling is replicated sometimes when I look at the cats, sometimes I think they are showing vunerability, and at other times I think they are hidden and safe.