TAROT Readings

As a Transformative TAROTIST-ASTROLOGICAL Counsellor, I explore with you the talents and gifts available for you to manifest the future you desire.

Combining Solution Brief Focus Therapy, Hope Theory, and my own life skills learned through education, relationships and team building, I provide an opportunity for you to see yourself tranformatively rather than mere fatalistically.  You are given clear sight into how to transform your life and live a more authentic you, rather than being led by circumstances that feel out of your control.

I am NOT a fortune teller.

From my own experience with Tarot, I have found that it has helped me to focus my intuition and perception and to find within myself a deep and true kind of knowing. It helped me to perceive aspects of myself and of the world of which I am not ordinarily aware.   

I use it as a tool, a mirror for clarifying and getting new perspective on life situations.

Make a booking with Dyan below, or ring her on mobile 0417 607 557 if you have any questions regarding her services.