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Soul Tracing Astrology

Personality Contours

Contours are the distinctive rising and falling patterns of pitch, tone and stresses of life. Everyone's lives are shaped by the Astrological influences reverberating at the time of their birth, and all the births you've had before this one as well. Using Astrology we trace your soul's journey. There is everything here - chart interpretation, reincarnation and karma.

A Personality Contour is a full Astrology Analysis and Report that includes an analysis of your Natal Chart (generated for the exact time, date and place you were born), as well as a remote mini-tarot (4 card) reading and a discussion of your particular Astrological and Tarot archetypes (Who are you in the Tarot?). The full report is, on average, around 14 pages long and includes Tarot card images scanned in for your reading. This is all done by me, NOT computer generated!

This analysis is an insight into how to follow the contours of your life. Questions that will be answered include: Who am I? What journey is my Soul on? What mask/s do I wear out into the world, and how do they assist/hinder me in bringing my Soul joy? Preparing the written report normally takes me about 3 to 4 days, and depending on other factors, I can normally email it to you within 1 week of your order. Order your Personality Contour now

Please allow time for postage if you require a printed hard-copy report. I normally like to do this when a person is ordering the Astrology Analysis and Report for someone else. Endeavouring to keep the report private to the person who's information it contains, I place the report in a sealed envelope with a sticker on the sealing flap.

You could also order a Triad Teaser for $20 in which I explain your Sun, Moon and Ascending signs - confirming for you, through Evolutionary Astrology, what you want and why (the Sun), what you actually need and why (the Moon), and why you use a particular style (the mask you wear) to go about getting the things you want and need (the Ascendant).

A Personality Contour costs $100 and you receive a full Astrology Analysis and Report.

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Careers Advice

To be able to do what we love, that is the cumulation of our Soul's journey. To get paid at the same time, that is the Earthly Eureka we all talk about!

Do you have a young son or daughter who doesn't know what he or she wants to do? Formal study is so expensive, and our kids may just be studying now because they don't know what else they should or could be doing. And then they have that enormous education debt to pay off when they start earning over a certain amount of money.

With a Personality Contour focussed on career, using a technique taught by Noel Tyl, I am able to guide people into a vocation that can bring their Soul more joy. Undertaking this process for young adults who are just starting out in the world provides guidance for them to make better (informed) decisions about choice of study and work.

A Careers Personality Contour provides you with a Vocational Astrology Analysis and Report which incorporates the Natal Chart Midheaven analysis along with any of the solar arcs, transits and progressions that are important to your career.

Order a Vocational Astrology Analysis and Report now

For our young ones I offer a discount: $80 for the career focussed Personality Contour

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Astrological Transits and Progressions - Planetary Cycles to plan and predict your day, week or year

Every person's Natal Chart displays planets that are deemed very important to that person. This is based on a number of factors including ruling planets in certain houses, or in Zodiac signs they rule or are exalted in. All these factors build up and the Astrologer makes a determination on what planet/s are your most important one/s (or focal points in your Natal Chart).

For each of us then, on a day, weekly, monthly or yearly cycle, it is the energy from those planets that transit and connect somehow with our natal planets that can have an affect on our day-to-day lives.

Once you have had a Personality Contour done, ask for transits and progressions for the upcoming 6 months to show you the important times and days for progressing your Soul's journey.

Order your Overview of Transits now

Overview of Transits to plan and predict your life $80

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