Counsellor -
PAST LIFE Facilitator


“The birth map does not plot the fate of the individual in a predestined way.  Rather, it symbolises the basic lines of his character’s potential development.” from Liz Greene

Studying your birth chart together, we look at your gifts and opportunities.  The object of studying a chart is not to “overcome” the “influences” of the planets, but rather to allow room in your life to express the qualities and drives found in the patterns and positions of elements in your chart.

What are the things you want to know?  How will relationships manifest in your life, and how to understand patterns that you want to break.  What is your passion and how can you move into a job that relates or supports that?  Find something that is missing?  Is there an Asteroid that relates specifically to you and holds a fascinating secret truth for you to discover?  Is your life about to change forever because of a transit of Pluto, or Saturn, moving over a sensitive part of your chart?  So many questions, and all have answers in your birth chart.

Past Lives

AND In-Between Lives

As I guide you into a deep meditative state, you are given the opportunity to explore through visual, auditory and sensory experiences, past life circumstances that could be impacting your current life.  Sometimes it can be the answer to something that you have never understood about yourself, like an unhealthy attitude to money, or some physical pain with no medical reason.