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Astrological Tarot gives extra depth to traditional Tarot readings

My own Tarot Deck

So far I have done 21 out of the 22 Majors. I will then move onto the Minors. This deck will not be for sale, but will be available for my readings. Come back next week and I'll share another one with you :)

The Star THE STAR - Aquarius

The Star is visionary and pours forth the energy of inspiration and creation. Along with this is the glimmer of hope. She floats in, and is touched by, an illuminated outer space. Her offer of the golden pitcher and the life giving water that flows from it, represent the energy that the Universe provides for inspiration and creation. This is the generous reward provided to you by the universe. There is purity, vulnerability and idealism here - an other-worldly experience, and an elevated consciousness developed for the benefit of those around her. The Star requires that a person sees the world so differently that they are inspired to create something different. Thus there is inspiration, creative endeavors and the provision of hope when receiving this card. However, a fantastical inspiration is something that has no basis in reality so we must work to incorporate our visions of how we wish the world to be with the reality of how the world actually is. A project undertaken with Andrew from The Hermit's Lamp.

In 2013 I was the entertainment at a dinner party Written in the Stars, hosted by Pack a Perfect Party. The beautiful stationary was designed by Senna Jean Designs. See a review at Oh Its Perfect


Soul Tracing Tarot

Face-to-face Tarot Readings

The Tarot is universal in its application - its keys can apply to any religion, culture or belief, because we are all human and experience events on this plane of existence. Tarot also has a very beautiful correspondence to Astrology.

I am able to provide face-to-face or email Tarot Readings for $80. A face-to-face Reading takes about 45 to 75 minutes.

You are also able to add a Tarot Reading to a Personality Contour for an extra $40, this provides a deeper analysis to your Personality Contour.

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A Face-to-face Tarot Reading costs $80


Email Tarot Readings

With an Email Tarot Reading you receive a write up and scanned photo of the cards. This type of reading gives you a unique opportunity to receive messages from your guides, as I work with the Tarot over some days for you.

This Tarot reading provides you with a far deeper meaning of the card messages than a more immediate face-to-face reading. We discuss through email (and/or on the phone if you so wish) your Tarot Reading question, fine tuning it so that we get to the heart of the matter that needs addressing.

I use this information, along with your birth details to combine with your natal Astrology, and proceed with the reading, letting its meaning grow and develop for me over a day or so. This process allows me to truly absorb the cards and their messages for you. I then write up the reading, providing you with a written report that includes photos of the cards and the spread. Once we have the basis of this message, we can, at any stage build on it or ask further questions for quick (i.e. one or two card) answers.

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An Email Tarot Reading costs $60

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Tarot Parties

Tarot parties are fun! The party can be any format you like - dinner, cocktails, fondue, drinks and eats, whatever you like, and then you have me as your entertainment!

Have 6 to 10 of your friends around and I will provide Tarot Readings for those who want one (just as long as there are only volunteers, no victims lol). These are normally short 15 to 20 minute readings per person, and if they provide their birth details prior to the day, I can also build in some natal Astrology, doing a Triad Teaser which is an examination of the person's Sun, Moon and Ascending signs.

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Tarot Parties cost $20 per reading, and an extra $20 if the person wants a Triad Teaser as well

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