Miracles Happen

The Transformational Healing Power of Past Life Memories

Dr. B Weiss

In their revolutionary book, Miracles Happen, Brian L. Weiss, MD, and his daughter, Amy, examine the physical, emotional, and spiritual healing that is possible when you freely accept and embrace the reality of reincarnation. A leader in the field of past-life therapy, Dr. Weiss has helped thousands connect with their past lives and experience tremendous healing. In Miracles Happen, he and Amy share these remarkable real-life stories to reveal how past-life regression holds the keys to our spiritual purpose.

Soul Tracing Past Lives

Past Life Therapy

Undergoing a Past Life Therapy session can take you further on the journey of tracing your soul. I, along with a number of truly intuitive and empathetic people, have been trained by Toni Reilly (who herself was trained by Dr Brian Weiss MD) as past life therapists. Through guided meditation I take you back to memories of your past lives that help you to heal. For more information visit Toni Reilly or Brian Weiss.

Order your Past Life Therapy session now. A session can be anywhere from 90 minutes to three hours depending on the lives you relive and the messages you received. Sessions are conducted in my studio situated at Bracken Ridge, north side of Brisbane, Queensland.

A Past Life Therapy session costs $100

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Toni Reilly - Past Life Therapy

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