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Team Building

“Resilient employees build strong connections and relationships with others” (David Laak, 2014).

Do you want positive workplace relationships where resilient workers will do what they can to help another person to achieve success in the workplace?

Do you want resilient team members who aim for win-win with their fellow workers?

Resilience is the ability to cope with unexpected changes and challenges in your life. It’s not always possible to prevent stressful situations, but teams and individuals can strengthen their capacity to deal with these challenges.

Coping strategies can enable us to deal with stress and maintain a sense of control. There are many different ways of coping with stress and everyone is different, so it’s about each individual finding what works for them.

Research has shown that the way to building more resilient teams is through helping to create a positive atmosphere that incorporates trust and social support. My proprietary designed process assists people in developing and strengthening emotional insight and becoming more reflective, which are keys to creating those working atmospheres where individuals can build resilience.

I present my facilitated team meetings in a way that is done in the space of a regular team meeting – on-site and within the hour – giving the team something to go away and think/talk about.



The Power Of Astrology

Astrology reveals the nature of our existence. It helps us understand ourselves and provides the means for us to grow psychologically, spiritually and in many other aspects.


As an Astrological Counsellor and Facilitator, I can help unlock your potential for growth and creativity using non-directive approaches such as astrology and tarot.

Learn Astrology AND Tarot – I teach you Astrology so you can read for yourself and others, incorporating Tarot to deepen understanding of both systems. 

Astrology and/or Tarot Consultations are available via zoom or in-person.

New Viewpoints

Through Introspective TAROT

Introspection enables you to have a deeper understanding of who you are.  Through one-on-one counselling.  I can guide you in delving into your inner realms to illuminate your strengths, challenges, passions and goals.

My Transformative TAROT Consulting Style for reading the cards leads you to experience insights into the situation or topic of your reading, enabling you to intuit the choices and pathways to being the most authentic human you can be.

I am only your guide – you are the expert in your own life.  All the answers are inside you – all I need to do is bring out the confidence you need to trust in your own intuition.

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