Triumph of Life Tarot

I have had some of my Tarot artwork which I did for the Triumph of Lift Tarot project, published in the Cartomancer Autumn edition magazine. My artwork was the 2 of Coins.

See a card from My own Tarot Deck - currently The Empress is up on the Tarot Page.

Not so Recently...

Written in the Stars

In 2013 I was the entertainment at a dinner party for Pack-a-perfect-party. Take a look.

Welcome to Soul Tracing

You have been here before - not necessarily this website, but this planet. Your Soul has traversed this particular terra firma before, probably many, many times before, and possibly also other worlds as well.

How do I know this? Because I am intelligent, informed and sensible enough to notice the synchronicities and magic that abound in my life, and in those lives around me. With over ten years experience in Astrology and Tarot, and facilitating Past Life Therapy sessions, I explore our life's purpose. I am committed to helping people awaken to their own soul's purpose, and you are welcome to come along with me .... SOUL TRACING
by Dyan

Using the ancient art (science) of Astrology

I guide you towards what will make you happy - how to achieve your Soul's joy. More…


Oh let me count the ways I love Tarot - 78 ways. There are 78 Tarot keys (or cards) that unlock our Psyche. More…

Past Life Therapy

Guided mediation that allows you to access your subconscious memories to trace your Soul's journey. More…

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